Senior AI/ML Engineer

Bij Hadrian in Amsterdam


Senior AI/ML Engineer

Bij Hadrian in Amsterdam

€ 4000 - € 6500 bruto

Wat kan je?

  • Machine Learning
  • MBO, HBO, WO denkniveau
  • Senior werkniveau
  • 6 jaar werkervaring
  • Engels sprekend

Wat krijg je?

  • Inhouse
  • € 4000 - € 6500 bruto
  • Gedeeltelijk vanuit huis
  • Flexibele werktijden
  • Mobiel
  • Laptop
  • Pensioen
  • Onkostenvergoeding

Wat doe je?

  • Minimaal een 40-urige werkweek
  • Je werkt samen met HR, Management

De vacature

What You'll Achieve Join our adventure early: We’re an early-stage startup with a small tight-knit team, so you will get to know and work with all of us. Make a big impact: You’ll help build Hadrian as a best-in-class hacker-based digital security platform for our enterprise customers. Solve complex problems: You’ll work with the product team to solve interesting technical puzzles, so expect to grow a lot as a programmer. Our offices are located in Amsterdam and London.

Functie eisen

We don't have any hard requirements, as we welcome talented people from all backgrounds. We’re looking for fast-learners who are excited about our mission and keen to get stuck in. Unfortunately, we're unable to provide visa appraisals yet. You also need to be able to come into our Amsterdam office for at least couple of days a week.

Jouw belangrijkste taken:


Collaborate on puzzles: You’ll work closely with the product team, from planning to execution, to come up with unique real-world ML applications where conventional solutions wouldn’t work.


ML modelling: You’ll design, develop, deploy and maintain ML models and software that uses these models.


Platform integration: You’ll build libraries and frameworks which can be integrated into the serverless architecture of the Hadrian platform.


Research: You’ll lead the research at the frontier of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.


Over Hadrian

  • Opgericht in 2021
  • 1 kantoor
  • 10-20 medewerkers
  • 30 is de gemiddelde leeftijd
We are a group of hackers from London and Amsterdam that came together to boost digital security of big organisations. Our hacker-first approach is a revolutionary way of looking at security platforms. We leverage new cloud technologies to achieve unprecedented scalability. This enables us to run 1000+ ML-based scans and tests on 1000+ digital assets in parallel, without requiring the installation of an internal agent. We provide continuous, real-time insight into the attack surface of our clients and find critical vulnerabilities that could result in data breaches or ransomware attacks.


  • TNW City, Singel 542
  • 1017AZ Amsterdam
  • Nederland

Hulp nodig?

Michiel Chin Ten Fung staat altijd klaar om jou te helpen bij de zoektocht naar een nieuwe baan. Neem vrijblijvend contact op.

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